August 19, 2022

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Buhari Is Laying A  Solid Foundation For Generations Unborn  -Oladipo Babatunde Okeyomi (Carry Go)

Hon. Oladipo Babatunde Okeyomi a.k a Carry Go’s name rings a bell as a grassroots politician and security expert. Among the people on the planet earth, there are some whom God favours and endowed from above.

They are special beings with special points of attraction. Among such men is the man by the name Oladipupo Babatunde Okeyomi, who has distinguished himself from the pack of mere men.
His marks in various spheres of life where destiny has placed him at specific locations and times remain enduring. He is  an achiever, father and brother and is happily married & blessed with children.
More so, he is presently eyeing the chairmanship slot in Ojokoro LCDA in Lagos State, Nigeria on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).
 In this brief encounter with SANYA OJO n Tuesday, he speaks on several areas of his life, empowerment and  applauded President  Buhari APC’s Government in Nigeria. Enjoy
Q: Who is Oladipo Babatunde Okeyomi (Carry-Go)?
A: Oladipupo Gabriel Babatunde Ikupayiti Kokumoa Koseegbe Okeyomi is one of the children of Baba Aladura S J . Okeyomi of Ikare-Akoko in Ondo State. He is someone that God Almighty has bestowed with exceeding grace, favors and mercy as he wasn’t born with golden spoon in his mouth. He had rough times growing up, hence, his benevolence to the less privileged, because he knows how it feels. He is God fearing who believes in giving back to God through the needy. He loves truth and uprightness, very obedient to God’s Word, respectful to both young and old, constituted authorities, honors agreements and not a truce breaker. Gabriel Babatunde Okeyomi is a peace loving humble individual, not boastful, but ascribe all he has to the benevolence of the Lord God Almighty and who believes that such resources must be  used for the benefits of fellow mankind irrespective of gender, religion and tribe. These attributes warm him into many people’s heart, and made him a grassroots person. When he calls one, ten answers his call. He is a blessing to the community he lives as he has executed many people oriented projects for his community. He is a philanthropist to the core. He has been a  blessing to multitudes of people. May the Lord continue to bless him. He believes in Party hierarchical structures and policies.
Q:  We understand that you have empowered 1400 students this year 2021, what informed this?
A: Let me start from the question, What informed this empowerment? I will say, God. Because He says, and I qoute, “No man can receive a thing, except it be given by God” and “he that turns his ears to the cry of needy, he will call and God will not answer him” and again God in another place in the Bible said that whoever gives to the people in need, he borrows it unto the Lord”. I want God to continue to hear my supplications and I know that God owes no man. As said earlier, I was in similar situations, I did all manner of jobs to make ends meet, to get myself educated, just a little empowerment would have a made a nation great. Because when you empower a person, you have empowered a family, when a family is empowered, a nation is empowered and become prosperous and healthy and safe. We would have put an end to youthful restlessness which promotes evil conducts. A free hand is devil’s workshop. It’s not 1400 students, the number doubles that, and when you add those undergoing skills acquisition in various fields, the number will be more than 3000. It’s the Lord’s doing and I accord Him all the glory. This has been a yearly thing or program and it will continue as God give strength.
Q: Also, an award has been given in the area of security in Ondo State, shed more light on this
A: When I was answering the question, who is Okeyomi Carry-Go, I didn’t mention my area of expertise and my certifications. I am a Management Consultant , a local government Administrator and a Security expert of high repute. I have received both local and international award on security,
I have handled some security assignments for our party, APC, in Nigeria and in the South West in particular, it’s in recognition of successful execution of these assignments that made my people in Ondo State to recognize one of their own.
Q:  As a politician, what is your assessment of APC led by President Muhammadu Buhari?
A: It is said that a prophet is, but without honor is his town. President Muhammadu Buhari is laying a solid foundation for generations yet unborn. You know when you plant a coconut tree or a palm tree, it stays on the ground for a very long time, growing firm and solid roots downwards, when it sprouts out of the ground, wind cannot pull it down, it produces fruits for generations. The infrastructural development going on in Nigeria despite lean resources available to government is humongous and second to none. The roads, railways, name it, ease of doing business and so on, when all these starts yielding dividends, Nigeria will become doyen for investors. APC is doing well, very well, bearing in mind that the neglect of decades cannot be corrected in few years,  it’s gradual.
Q: As the 2023 Presidential race is gathering momentum, what is your take on Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and how can you describe him?
A: Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is my political grandfather, mentor and a symbol of hope. He is a detribalised political tactician, erudite, highly cerebral and a grassroots one for that matter who believes in people. I strongly believe in him and his abilities and going by his antecedents in all his endeavors, should he decide to run for president 2023, I will support him 100%. I have started mobilizing for him all over the Federation, I was the first to start mobilization for him with CAFI-T’23.
Q: Do you have any political ambition in your state?
A: Let the will of God be done. I am only contesting for Chairmanship of Ojokoro LCDA in Lagos State here to support the good works of our able Governor Sanwoolu.
Q: What has been the challenges being a grassroots politician?
A: The challenges of being a grassroots politician are not insurmountable when you have genuine and good intentions to better or improve the lives of your followers. Again when you believe that whatever you do, you are doing it for God, He will not allow the challenges to overwhelm you. You will have the challenge of trust, you will have issue of misconstrues, where people will give wrong perceptions to your open-heartedness, don’t be deterred, as you are doing unto the Lord.
Q: What are your advice to the youths?
A: My advice to the youths is that they should believe in themselves. Also, they should not be involved in any unholy vices. They should know that no one else can build our nation, except themselves. They should beware of politicians that are keeping their children abroad and sending them with arms and ammunition to go and cause trouble, they should join politics and never forget that only God can help them.

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