October 2, 2023

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Destiny Etiko’s ‘Dressing’ During Visit To Yahaya Bello Set Tongues Wagging

A picture posted by Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko, during her visit to Kogi state Governor Yahaya Bello has generated mixed reactions.

Etiko was part of a group of actors led by the President of the Actor’s Guild of Nigeria to see Yahaya Bello.
The Nollywood actress on Saturday was under attack over the outfit she wore. Nigerians on social media accused her of intentionally trying to ‘seduce’ the governor with the outfit she wore to his office.
Etiko on her Instagram page on Friday, shared a picture of her visit to the governor with the caption; “HIS EXCELLENCY…YAHAYA ADOZA BELLO, God bless you more for the warm reception.”
The picture has since stirred reactions from Nigerians who dragged her for wearing ‘an indecent’ outfit on such a visit.
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@GeeKinqest__ said, “What’s wrong with Destiny Etiko’s dress? Were you expecting to see her in Skirt and Blouse because she went to see the Governor. Biko, save us these moral talks here and there”
@Daniel_Regha “So, Destiny Etiko the actress couldn’t dress decently when visiting Yahaya Bello? This is discouraging. What was the purpose of the visit in the first place? People especially celebrities should normalise promoting good morals so people who look up to them can emulate such morals.”
@Alfred_uvoh “No wonder they are always buying and buying and buying and the male actors just dey look like dundee.”
@Cassie_Chidiago “What sort of dressing is this, very inappropriate.”
@Irelexicon ” Some women will not just make heaven, if I am a sitting governor and you carry this come greet me, I go turn you down. Unless I invite you for clubbing but I can’t cheat on my future wife.”
@OfficialOmojay “Just forget the visiting first, still forget her wrong choice of outfit to Governor’s house. Destiny dress sense na zero over zero.”
Meanwhile, another Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu defended Etiko’s choice of outfit.
According to Uche, Destiny and others were on their way to the airport when the governor called for them to meet with him in his office.
She further asked those trolling her colleague to let her be and face their own lives.

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