December 1, 2023

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Ex-Senate President, Ken Nnamani Breaks Silence On Wife’s Death, Denies ‘Tummy Tuck’ Reports

Ken Nnamani, a former Senate President, says the death of Jane, his wife, is a “big loss.”

Jane died on May 4 in Enugu after a brief illness. She was 58.
Speaking with journalists at the weekend in Abuja, Nnamani said his wife was a great pillar of support to him and their children.
Nnamani said while he was serving as senate president, his wife shouldered the responsibility of raising their children and he only supported her financially.
“Everyone that has come across my wife will miss her so much. Not only because of her beauty but because she was a paragon.
“A paragon has nothing to amend. When you talk about personality, you are talking about the totality of an individual,” he said.
“I was fortunate to have a wife that was well created by God. We have been together for about 34 years. She has no blemish. If I have a choice to choose another wife — if there is a second coming, I will choose her.
“She is late. The last time we spoke was Thursday when she was asking me how my stopover in Germany went because I normally pass through there for my annual checkups. We spoke in the morning and she was asking me how far I have gone with my test.
“After that, she went to the National Orthopedic Hospital Enugu, to remove lipoma and the little surgery at the back was successful. Later the issue of high or low sugar came up and complicated things and that is where we are today.”
The former senate president denied reports that his wife died while attempting to undergo a tummy tuck.
“I read somewhere that she went to do a tummy tuck. She had no tummy to tuck anywhere because she was naturally well-created. People are just being mischievous by writing all kinds of things. If they can place the picture of their mother, sister or girlfriend side by side with my wife, let the world see who requires any patching,” he said.
“She was naturally endowed by God and I am one of the lucky ones enjoying natural endowment.
“What is paining me is that she stayed back in the United States to take care of our four children. She played a great role in building up our children. My only contribution was that whenever I had money, I send it to them.
“When I was answering senate president in Nigeria, she was in America taking care of the children. She only visited once. She was not interested in coming to answer the wife of the number three citizen. She concentrated on the children.
“Her demise is a big loss to the family. Those who don’t know her are talking about tummy tuck. She is not in that business, she was naturally created.
“Social media is very good. But if there will be a third world war, I think it will start from the social media because of the type of things they formulate and say.”
Nnamani also refuted reports that he was suffering from a stroke, adding that he is hale and hearty.
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