Father Cut Daughter’s Leg With Cutlass For Staying Out Late

    An unidentified middle aged lady took to the micro blogging platform, Twitter to recount how her father inflicted wound on her elder sister’s leg for staying out late.

    She claimed her father is a retired soldier who doesn’t punish during the day but late at night
    According to her ; I laugh when people say they were raised by strict mean parents, you’ve not met my beloved father.
    My dad cut my big sister’s leg with cutlass just because she came back home late, few mins past 6pm.she said
    My dad is a retired soldier, man beat us like we were at war with him, he once called police to arrest, beat and lock up my brother because he went gambling.
    He doesn’t punish us in the day, it’s always in the middle of the night, when we’d be lost in dreamland.
    The dad in question cut her daughter with cutlass just to inflict a scar on her and took her to the hospital.
    Report gathered revealed On the way to the hospital, The father kept saying,
    “any day you ever think of keeping late night and see this scare and remember this night, you will definitely start running back home”
    The victim was taken care of at the clinic, and brought home.
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