July 18, 2024

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Grace Nation: God Can Destroy Obstacles, Barriers-Chris Okafor -Offers Special Prayers For Grace Nation Partners Across the Globe

Barriers and Obstacles exist as stepping stones into the destiny  of those who have knowledge and understand the basic principles of acquiring wealth in life.

Speaking at the Grace Nation Special Sunday Covenant and Partnership service at the International Headquarters of the Church in Ojodu Berger, Lagos, Nigeria, the Senior Pastor of the Church, who is globally known as the Generational Prophet of God, Dr Chris Okafor said that barriers and obstacles are both breakable and surmountable because the Almighty God is a barrier breaker, a rain maker and obstacles destroyer.
Speaking on the Topic, “Keys to Breaking Barriers,” the Apostle of altars explained further that when someone understands the power of divine plan and purpose of life alongside the power of divine directives,  the person is strongly empowered to break any barrier or obstacle that comes his or her way.
“The easiest way to know what God can do is to know what He has done before. No enemy or evil structure is too old or too strong to be crumbled by God because He is a barrier breaker,” Dr Okafor remarked.
A committed member of the church, who did not want her name mentioned, said that every service or conference in Grace Nation is a plus.
The was confirmed on Sunday June 12, 2022 because God came down in full force using his servant, Dr Chris Okafor to demystify miseries and barriers in the lives of many people.
The man of God visited villages,  altars,  cancelling and breaking family barriers.
God also cancelled death in the lives of people, set the lawful captives free through His servant among many other areas that were touched.
Special prayers were said for all Grace Nation International partners across the world during the programme.
The Generational Prophet of God said that no one partners with God and fails, adding that as long as they continue to partner with the church for the work of God, He will continue to partner with them in their various fields of endeavour in life,  while challenging many others to be partners on the work of God, “because when you partner with God,  He will also partner with you to solve your problems,” the man of God remarked.
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