June 13, 2024

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How Primate Ayodele Forewarned Attack On President Buhari’s Convoy Since 2021 (PROOF)

‘Heaven and Earth will pass away but none of the word of God shall go unfulfilled’, no matter how long, what God has said will always come to pass.

Nigerians were shocked yesterday to read about the attack on President Muhammadu Buhari’s convoy that saw two security operatives badly injured on their way to the president’s hometown in Daura, Katsina state.

According to the presidential spokesman who confirmed the attack, they were the advance team of the president who is billed to arrive at a later date to celebrate Sallah.

Though sad, this unfortunate incident has confirmed the prophecy of popular Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele who has warned President Buhari severally especially on the issue of insecurity and had also categorically stated that he foresees an attack on the president’s convoy.

This is what obstinacy and disregard for the word of God has led the government of the day. In the same 2021 when the man of God released some prophecies about the state of the country, the president’s aide, Femi Adesina launched a futile attack on Primate Ayodele’s person, calling him names and now that these prophecies have been fulfilled one after the other, where is Femi Adesina? Probably licking his wounds. As a matter of fact, Femi Adesina needs to apologize to Primate Ayodele for speaking ill against his ministry all because he wanted to satisfy his pay masters.

There are proven records on the internet, no man of God said that the presidential convoy will be attacked apart from Primate Ayodele. Even when he said it, it seemed unbelievable because attacking a president’s convoy has a lot of meaning, if a presidential convoy can be attacked, it’s synonymous to terrorists taking over a country and worse still, no arrest has been made up till now.

The situation in Nigeria needs an urgent divine intervention, there is nothing to say than to go on our knees as Christians, muslims, traditional worshippers to pray for divine intervention because our security has been messed up.

No one envisaged that this incident would come up except Primate Ayodele who warned the government against it, now that it has happened, can’t the government go to this man of God for solutions to the dangers the country has gotten into? Going by his several prophecies that have come to pass. He forewarned the high rate of kidnapping, increase in fuel price, high exchange rate of dollar, attacks on military formations that have all happened. Why can’t the government reach out to him for solutions? It doesn’t matter if they believe in him or not, 2023 is around the corner and they have to give it all it takes to ensure these menaces end.

We can say there are no prophet in this world anymore but I can categorically say that Primate Ayodele is a prophet God is talking to at this moment, I can’t say about tomorrow but as it stands, there is no prophet that has prophesied like this man of God, I’m surprised at this presidential convoy attacked that would never have come to the mind of anyone and this is a proof that flesh and blood didn’t reveal it to him.

There are other deadly events Primate Ayodele has warned about, some are yet to come to pass but it will be so unfortunate if the government allows them to happen. I recommend that the government immediately reach out to Primate Ayodele for solutions to these crises in the country.

Written By George Alabi

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