November 30, 2023

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My Husband Died While Fighting The School Driver Who Kissed Our 7-Year- Old Daughter – Victim’s Wife

Mr. Fredrick Olurunfemi, the 51-year-old father of a Luyol schools, Lagos student, has reportedly been killed during a fight with Jacob, the school driver, whom he accused of molesting his daughter. Reports have it that the victim reported the driver to the proprietor of the school after claiming that his 7-year-old daughter, identified as Sarah, revealed to them that he molested her.

While speaking to the Vanguard Newspaper on how her husband was killed, Mrs. Mabel Olorunfemi said, “Last Wednesday, my daughter came back from school and told me that after her school bus driver had dropped everyone at their houses, he took her to his house, told her to lift her school uniform and sit on his lap to kiss him, and was calling her his wife.”
She added that when her husband came back, she told him what their daughter said. The man was angry, and both he and his daughter visited the school proprietor.
While in the proprietor’s office, Mr. Olorunfemi threatened to take the case to the police but was calmed by the proprietor. Sarah was then asked to explain what happened between her and the driver on that ill-fated day, which she did. On the other hand, the proprietor asked the driver why he didn’t return the school vehicle at the appropriate time on that fateful day; in response, he said that after dropping off the schoolchildren, he had to drop something.
Speaking on how a fight started between her husband and the driver, she said, “Out of anger, my husband slapped him, then he hit my husband on the neck, and a fight started right there in the office.” As everyone was trying to separate them, my husband was seriously angry and was holding the driver, which led to a push by the driver. My husband fell down and went unconscious. “Before we could get to the hospital, he passed on.”
As of the time of writing this report, the driver hadn’t been arrested as he was still on the run.
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