November 29, 2023

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No Legitimate Civil Servants In The State Are Owed, Their Salaries Are Up Till Date – Yahaya Bello -We Approach Insecurity In The State With All The Security Apparatus

The executive Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency Governor Yahaya Bello has again cleared the air on allegations that civil servants in the state are owed salaries of over 5 months, saying few that were paid only received 30% of their salaries.

Speaking on behalf of Mr Governor to clear the air, is the Honorable Commissioner of Information in the state, Mr Fanwo who represented the governor at the Global Excellent Award 2023 in Ikeja Lagos.

Fanwo said; “since the assumption of his Excellency in office as the executive Governor of Kogi State, his major priority is the salary package and welfare of the work force, he said one of the tools used by his Excellency was to eliminate ghost workers, this menace has really eaten deep into the purse of the state, whereby a department has only two vehicles and about 25 drivers are employed to drive then, so when we began verification excercise all these were exposed and if you fall into that situation, the Governor has nothing to do than to stop your salary, these and many cases are not reasons enough for some set of people are campaigning here and there that they are been owed for years.

No legitimate civil servant in the state are owed, their salaries are up till date, Governor Yahaya Bello explained.

On the issues of insecurity, grassroot Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello said the issue is a thing of the past, we approach the insecurity of the state with all the security apparatus, we all know before our administration kick off that Kogi State was the den of kidnapers, but with the dedication of my executive team to duty, even the so called kidnapers would have a rethink before coming close to the state because they all know that the state is not a suitable place for them to carry out their deadly activities, the security of life and property of the Good people of Kogi step is our Priority.

The APC primary in the state produces someone that understands the day to day running of Kogi State affair, Obodo is a man with quality, tested and trusted, for my to give him a kudos, I have been able to confirm his ability through various assignments given to him and his ability to deliver, so the issue of succession of our administration is put to perfect, the APC Candidate will continue where I will stop and I’m confident he will serve the state in the best interest of Kogi State citizens, the Governor concluded.

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