November 30, 2023

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Parents Sold Properties To Raise N180m Ransom, Bought 8 Okadas For Children’s Kidnappers

One of the parents of the abducted students of Greenfield University, Kaduna says N180 million was paid to bandits before their children were released.

Although the police were silent on whether or not a ransom was paid, it was learnt that parents paid some unspecified amount to the bandits who earlier demanded N800m ransom.
The bandits, however, reduced the ransom to N100m and 10 motorcycles and later asked the parents to pay N10m for each victim.
The parents paid ransom and provided eight brand new motorcycles to the bandits before the students regained their freedom.
On Saturday, fourteen of the abducted students regained their freedom.
The students were abducted on April 20 when bandits attacked the institution
The bandits subsequently killed five of the students and threatened to kill the others if a ransom was not paid, while one of the students was later released.
Shortly after the release of the 14 students, a video shared by Television Continental (TVC) on social media showed two parents lamenting the neglect of the government as they struggled to raise the ransom.
They said “it is unfair” that the government did not help them to pay the ransom demanded by their abductors.
“That is what they (referring to bandits). That is what we paid. N180 million, that is what they collected from us, from parents, without the help of the government,” a father lamented.
“None of the government officials came to our aid, since the 20th April that they took these children.”
Three of the abducted
 students are still being held, Mohammad Jalige, spokesman of the Kaduna state police command said.
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