June 13, 2024

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Pastor Okotie: Nigeria’s Federalism ‘Obsolete, A Realistic Piece Of Fakery’

The founder and General Overseer of the Household of God Church, Pastor Chris Okotie, has declared that the 2023 general elections will be a wild goose chase if the country is not restructured.

Making a case for the constitution of an Interim Government immediately, the crusading cleric insisted that unless Nigeria is restructured by the instrumentality of an Interim Government which will establish a proper geopolitical balance within the context of a true Federalism and rectify aberrations in the polity since 1960, the next election will merely be a shadow chasing exercise.
Okotie, a philanthropist and politician declared in a statement that the extant constitution is obsolete, retrogressive and subversive to the Nigerian cause.
To him, the forced arrangement involving bigger and smaller ethnic units in the so-called federation is already a disaster and series of elections cannot change this unless the right thing is done through restructuring.
He also believes the restructuring can only be done by eminent and patriotic Nigerians in the Interim Government arrangement and not partisan politicians who are only looking at the political gains of the next round of elections.
He said: “Nigeria is in dire need of restructuring. Our Federalism is simply terminological inexactitude. It is a realistic piece of fakery. The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is obsolete, retrogressive and subversive to the Nigerian cause. It can no longer subsist as the legal protocol that guarantees the peaceful co-existence of autonomous ethnicities.
“No extant or subsisting government can right these aberrations for obvious parochial party considerations and entrenched partisan rivalries within the polity.
“The concentric arrangement of the WAZOBIA alliances have been a disaster, engendering the marginalisation of the smaller ethnic units. Thus, perforating the canopy of the Federalism under whose aegis we co-exist”.

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