2019: Brighter Hope For Badagry People As Akewusola Promises Good Representation


It’s indeed going  to be a new dawn come 2019 following President Buhari signing into law the not too young bill.  Young and ambitious Nigerians have since keyed into this therefore making frantic efforts to change the situation of their immediate environments.

One of the vibrant youths, Hon. Adewale Muhmeen Akewusola has declared his interest to serve the people of Badagry come 2019 as he will be contesting the House of Assembly slot.

Just as Winston Churchill’s maxim goes that “A politician needs the ability to foretell what is going t happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn’t happen.”

This however aptly describes the foray of Adewale Muhmeen Akewusola into politics.  Born into the families of Akewusola of the Alalukuran compund, Posukoh quarters,Badagry Lagos. And Sadiq/Bakare family , a descendant of Eletu-Odibo Chieftaincy family Gbadesere 1 lineage in Isale Eko Lagos.
Adewale attended Papa-Ajao Primary School Mushin Lagos where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate.
He proceeded to Ire-Akari Grammar School, Okota-Isolo Lagos State where he obtained his Junior School Certificate in the year….
He completed his Secondary School education at Government High School, Adeta, Ilorin Kwara State where he obtained his Senior School Certificate.

In his quest to broaden his knowledge, Adewale sought and got admission into Kwara State Polytechnic where he obtained his Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Electrical/Electronics Engineering.

Adewale’s being a versatile and business conscious man however prompted him to make another shot at business related course as he eventually put in for Business Administration where he eventually bagged a Bsc from Lagos State University, Ojo.

In a chat with Metropolix Online, Akewusola when asked what his plans are for his constituency as he’s aspiring to represent them at the Lagos State House of Assembly if elected in 2919.

“I am a Badagrian by blood, we must not all live our lives in Badagry. Some of us need to go outside the shores of Badagry to acquire different knowledge then come back home and sell the experiences selflessly to develop our community.
I am really perturbed at the present day Badagry development. It is not anyone’s fault that we are lacking behind of the five IBILE regions/divisions we have in Lagos state namely Ikorodu, Badagry, Ikeja, Lagos-island and Epe.
it is the responsibility of the government to provide us the same basic amenities being enjoyed by other parts of the divisions through our legislative members in the state and at the federal level but it is rather sad and very unfortunate that our representatives are performing below expectations which i believe was not their fault too. We can’t force someone to give what they don’t have. Where a potential, critical and versatile thinker is needed to deliberate on issues bothering his/her constituency if you nominate money-motivated and power-driven individuals, this is exactly what you get, they believe they have the money to buy their gullible followers who will continue to decry the deplorable state of development in their community which the new generations of young politicians have the capacity, capability, dexterity and dynamism to think out of the box to legislate,negotiate,influence and sponsor bills to favour the BADAGRY of our dreams, a Badagry where people of diverse culture can travel to from all over the world and enjoy our untapped tourism resources, where the government can generate an increase in the IGR to achieve a badagry of good roads, electricity, primary health care system, vibrancy in education, community growth, free trade zone, investment opportunities in agriculture and tourism, woman and youth empowerment. This will be a collective effort of the revolutionised emerging youths aspiring for different positions in politics from different parts of Badagry.
A clear voice of a patriot that believes in politics of clear conscience, decency, pragmatism & above all civility.

Being an empathetic and impactful leader Akewusola promised to be committed to representing the interest of his constituency, by delivering value added projects, sponsor bills on community growth, Women and youth empowerment programs in Lagos state.

“I will also create and lead a dream team where every Badagrians will be able to express themselves as a product of positive change in our society, socially, ethically, and aesthetically.”

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