2019 Presidency: Social Crusader, Chuks Nwachukwu Declares Intention


Chuks Nwachuku a committed and devoted Nigerian and an attorney of law, a philosopher, social crusader and good government advocate who has been engaged in so many activities of human right he is the one who stand up to advocate for Public interest litigations quest of shareholders of banks which was compulsorily taken over by the central bank under the regime of Sanusi Lamido to regain the banks and compensation. He has also be the one who has been interrogate the issue of corruption in public service through the freedom of Information Act.

He has also won series of cases in the court of law which one of it is un-justices seize asset of then convicted past Managing Director of bank. Chuks Nwachukwu is a true Nigerian and nationalist who places a collective interest of the nation first above every other things he does he’s the man who believe so much in the unity of the country than anything he does not entertain and form of tribalism when discharging his duty.

He wrote a book when he was 12years old titled TRIBALISM a complete story that talks about the friendship between the Yorubas, Hausa and Igbos.
Chuks has always been entrusted of leadership in the community and every area he operate he was the former president of The apostolic Church Grammar School Old Student Association, a Senior Elder of Congress WBN, a global network of churches and faith based organisations concerned with human development.

He is a man who have travel far and wide with the knowledge, ideologies and skill he has acquired in the journey of life he has LL.M in commercial and maritime, he was honour with a fellowship of the Nigerian Chartered Institute of Public Administrators based upon his seminal work on the paradoxes of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

In the quest Churks Nwachuku has deem it fit to run for presidential election that will be coming up next year February under the All Grassroots Alliance Political Party.
These are some of the agenda to be executed if elected has president of this nation.
“Since the youths constitute the greatest number they will benefit most from my economic recovery and other programmes. I will reintroduce shared prosperity which will bring back the days when at entrance level, the worker can afford to buy a brand new car with a loan on generous terms and within five years of employment move into a good home on a mortgage on equally generous terms. Restoring prosperity means more start ups from the youths especially in the IT department and more holiday jobs.”

“I shall also institute a policy of building a new economically and socially impactful Industry in every local government per year through partnering with core investors. I shall provide 60% capital. When it is operational, I shall sell my stake and repeat the cycle elsewhere in the LG. As a matter of policy backed up by legislation I shall dedicate 40% of capital budget to education. I shall institute a new health policy to ensure that every household is covered by health insurance. From every salary, I shall set aside a minute portion for health insurance. It will amount to a huge fund with which I shall build and equip new hospitals and refurbish old ones. I shall set up child care and maternal health centres within a given radius, all other matters considered, from this fund. Since, most people shall be covered by health insurance, our young doctors can set up in rural areas. The treatment of their patients shall be paid for from the fund. I shall deploy technology to ensure mass qualitative education especially in areas with low literacy and school enrollment figures.

They shall be taught online real time by the best teachers from locations convenient to the teachers. Instructional manuals shall be fun and exciting and emphasis shall be on participation and creativity – unlocking the creative genius in the child. Tablets will replace books gradually and totally. With tablets, the children will be exposed to worlds far from their own, they will dream of possibilities far different from their immediate environments, their imagination and creativity shall be fired. I shall revamp teacher education. I shall institute by law a policy of catch them young in sports. The law shall contain a strategic national sports development plan which will include tax relief for sports sponsorship even at village level. I shall restore the National Sports festival and the inter- secondary school and higher institutions games festivals. I shall develop and back up by law a new policy to support entertainment and film industry.”

“This again will include tax relief for investing in the sector and obligation to use our models for adverts. The new Nigeria is for the youths. Only they can build it with the vision and passion required. I shall therefore dedicate 80% of MDA and board appointments to the youths – 40 and under. We shall be a young country again because we shall be beginning afresh to build a new nation upon a better foundation.”

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