September 26, 2022

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4 Arrested In Port Harcourt For Killing, Dumping Lady In Well

About four persons have been nabbed by the Police in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, as the family of a Lady whose daughter was assassinated with hands and legs tied and dumped in a well in Rumuosi Community in Obio-Akpor Local Government Area (a suburb of Port Harcourt) calls for justice.
Mrs Evelyn Ohaka, m other of the deceased, the late Miss Charity Ohaka, is tearfully demanding for justice from the security agencies and government.
The traumatized mother lamented that the the late Ohaka, 34 years old was her first daughter.
She described as curious a situation, where the compound where her apartment was broken into and her daughter killed with hands and legs tied with a block around her waist before dumping her inside a well was “about seven metres away from the office of Local vigilante known as OSPAC, Security, Planning and Advisory Committee (OSPAC) in the community.”
The recovery of her body led to rampage by angry youths leading to the destruction of cars and looting of shops of goods worth millions of naira.
Ohaka, 34 and first daughter of Ohaka family from Okporowo Ogbakiri in Emuoha local government area of Rivers State, living in Rumuosi, was on Friday reportedly kidnapped from her one room apartment and was not seen until her fast decomposing body was discovered in a well on Sunday.
The foul odour oozing out from the well was observed by people who drew water from it, noticing oily substances coming out of the well.
This aroused suspicion and the residents contacted local vigilantes who informed the police.
With the efforts of the local vigilantes and volunteers, the fast decomposing body of a lady later identified as late Ohaka, was recovered with the supervision of the Police.
Her neighbours said that she lived on the proceeds from the interests she made from the money lending business popularly known as “Akawo” in the local palace.
An eyewitness told our Correspondent that after her assailants broke into her apartment through the ceilings, she was killed, they tied her hands and legs with heavy block around her waist and thrown into the well close to her house.
The recovery of her body in the presence of youths from Okporowo Ogbakiri sparked off spontaneous angry reactions leading to the vandalization of cars, shops and massive looting of money and goods from shop owners.
It took the intervention of the Police and local vigilantes to restore normalcy.

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