5 Best Sleeping Positions And It’s Effects On Your Health

The way we sleep has lots of effects on our health, they are the time we feel discomfort from indigestion, heartburn and so on but if you sleep the right way it might ease the discomfort.

 if you are suffering from an ailment, you should first consult your doctor before doing otherwise. Below are sleeping position can help
1. Heartburn
If you suffer from a heartburn or indigestion sleeping might be a bit difficult, but according to study sleeping on the right side will increase the pains of heartburn so the best side to sleep on is the left side, it will reduce the pains.
2. Indigestion problem
 Indigestion, on the other hand, can also be very uncomfortable while sleeping. To get rid of it, sleep on your left side this will help you a lot
3. Pains around the neck
If you are having neck pain, you can use a soft pillow or towel to elevate your neck while you sleep facing up.  this will help you reduce the pain around the neck and keep your neck stable.
4.  High blood pressure
For those who are suffering from high blood pressure, it is good to discuss with your doctor. But the best sleeping position for people suffering from blood pressure is to sleep facing down, this position actually lowers blood pressure.
5. painful menstruation
Some women find it difficult to sleep during their menstruation because of pain, you can reduce the pains by putting a pillow under your knees this will reduce the arching you might be feeling around your spine
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