5 Causes Of Vagina Infections

The vagina has its own unique smell and it may vary from person to person, the same way we as humans have our own specific odor or smell.
When the smell now becomes unbearable to either you or the next person and this can pose a problem especially when you need to be in the presence of other people or when you are about to get down and dirty. Vagina others can be caused by the following:
When you wear tight clothing for too long, especially trousers, tights and the rest, you can cause moisture to build up in these areas, cotton-based materials are the best to wear as they absorb moisture and keep the area fairly dry, also do not forget to change them often.
Because of the location of the vagina in the groin, it prone to sweat and as such, moist areas are associated with smell, especially when sweaty.
 Also, the groin has a special kind of sweat glands known as the apocrine glands, these glands are also present in the which secrete a special kind of fluid that is broken down by bacteria to give off a noticeable smell.

A Vaginal Infection
We will start with the most common cause of a bad vaginal smell, an infection in the vagina.
The vagina contains normal bacteria, called the lactobacilli, similar to what is found in yoghurts, this bacteria is what gives the vagina an acidic pH, but when they become overshadowed by infections or by antibiotic abuse, they can die off giving other harmful bacteria the chance to grow and multiply in the vagina, this infection can cause a bad offensive smell from the vagina.
Abuse of antibiotics or douche
 This means if you wash the insides of your vagina, you can kill off the good bacteria that we talked about earlier and make it easy for bad bacteria to grow in the vagina which causes a smell.
Sexually transmitted infections
 Trichomoniasis can also cause an offensive vaginal smell. A yeast infection may also have a fishy smell also, this is not sexually transmitted and is very common among many women. We will talk about the causes of this later.
Your Food
Sometimes, what you eat is excreted through your skin, armpits, sweat glands majorly and in some small amounts through the vagina.
There is research showing that strong spicy foods like pepper, garlic, onion, fish, tend to affect the smell of your vaginal secretions, even if you don’t have a vaginal infection you can try looking for the meal that is changing the way your vagina smells
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