6 Nigerians Owned Hotels Burnt, 4 Hospitalized As S/Africans Resume Attack


​Not less than six guest houses belonging to Nigerians were burnt down in renewed attacks against Nigerians in Rustenburg, North West Province of South Africa as announced by The Nigerian Union in South Africa on Thursday.

Mr Paul Nwanedo, chairman of the union in the Province, said the attacks began on Sunday. 

“Four Nigerians are in critical condition in the hospital. We also received a report that the Taxi drivers also beat a Nigerian woman and her child.

“ We can also confirm that six guest houses belonging to our people were burnt by the drivers.

“…the police, taxi drivers and senior government officials are still in a meeting. The union was not allowed to be part of the meeting,” Nwanedo said.

He added that the taxi drivers went on the rampage following allegations that Nigerians sold drugs to a gang that attacked their members and that a Nigerian abducted and raped a 16-year-old South African girl.

He said the allegations are untrue

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