8 Reasons Why Cesarean Is Perform

Cesarean section is the process whereby an incision is made on a pregnant woman’s stomach in order to save her unborn child, some women give birth through normal delivery while some give both through cesarean section.

This does not mean women who give both through cesarean section are the cause, but it is done in cases of an emergency in order to save the mother and child. Below are a few reasons why a cesarean section is done
1.  C-section is not as bad as people portray it to be, most people believe only caused women go through a C section, that not true  cesarean section is done with the aim of keeping the mother and child alive
2. During a C section, the baby passes through the belly after an incision in the mother’s abdomen, the cesarean section requires a surgical procedure which is performed in the operating theater, and is always kept clean.
3.  It is true that the vaginal remains the safest method of delivery, but sometimes the situation might arise that will require C section, to save the mother and child’s life
4.  C – section is sometimes  suggested by the doctor to the patient, this happens mostly when the patient has some health problems
5.  Sometimes a C section is not planned, but when the doctor sees that the mother’s life is at risk they perform a cesarean section on the mother. Also in cases whereby the  Women have AIDs and herpes c section is the only way to save both the mother and child.
6. Sometime a doctor might not anticipate cesarean on a pregnant woman, but due to circumstances beyond their control, they go for it.
7.  Women who cannot deliver on there own due to some health problems, women who have a small pelvis, women who are sickle cell anemia, women who have some health implications or other medical conditions like spin a Bifida will end up going through a C – section
8.   When the child’s health is in distress, like signs of a slow heartbeat, or lack of oxygen or When they are multiple babies, twins triplets
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