May 28, 2023

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Bishop David Oyedepo Reveals Why Christians Should Stop Being Religious

At the crossover service on Wednesday, the presiding pastor of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo revealed how only time concious people can make the best out of thier journey in life.

He emphasized that Christians should discontinue from playing religion and get to work.
He said,
“You don’t wait to realize your breaking limit heritage, you take appropriate scriptural steps to realize it.
“Stop playing religion, begin to work with God in reality of the truth.
“Anything that does not move you into action from the word is not revelation but information.
“Every child of God carries a potential in redemption, greater that the greatest in the old testament.
“The truth is God’s wisdom in print. If you are not consistent in the truth of God’s word, it wont work. The fear of the Lord is the foundational cost for breaking limits.
“Time concious people will make the most of their journey.
“You don’t win a race sitting down, you do it by running.”
He further informed the congregation that life is a race.
He said,
“Life is a race, not a stroll. You don’t see the plans of God coming to pass without a run. You can’t continue sitting down doing nothing. You have to work it out, God will back you up but have to work out your portion of it. The problem with many of us is that we are just there sitting down and saying: “I know God will do it… you don’t know anything.Will God go to write exam for you? Will he cook for you?
“There are many things we say that are far -fetched. No matter how bright your access to the plan is, without a run, you have no portion in it.You have a loaded heritage for the year 2020.
“The year 2020 is a super loaded year; you need to love God. When you love him, you commit him to the issues of your life. All things work together for good to them that love God.
“Your faith will not deliver beyond your love for God. Love is the chord of freindship.
“To emerge a limit breaker, you must have a heart for God.”
The theme for this new year in the winners family is “Breaking Limits” The Bishop prophecied that every winner will break limits in all areas of their life.
Happy new year to you all and have a blessed year…
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