October 1, 2022

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Bishop David Oyedepo Reveals Why ‘’The Church’’ Is Very Important To Nigeria

Bishop David Oyedepo has revealed why the Church is very important to the nation.

The preacher made the revelation at the beginning of Shiloh, the annual weeklong program of his ministry Living Faith Church Worldwide International better known as Winners Chapel.
Oyedepo who declared that to those at the first day of the event that ‘’Whether from near or far, no one shall return disappointed’’ revealed the importance of the Church to the nation with the comment.
‘’You remove the impact of the Church from this nation, there is nothing else.
Most people are fleeing this nation, the Church is populating this nation.
The solution to the crisis of the world is being addressed here now.
God is sending you as saviours to the world.
Through you, confusion will be turned to direction.
* Through you, affliction will be turned to Celebration;
In the name of Jesus Christ. All the Glory must be to the Lord.
Song: All the glory must be to the Lord.’’
1 Samuel 3:21
The Bishop spoke further
‘’ God will appear to you here.
You can’t experience his appearance without knowing.
God will appear to you by His word on this mountain and you will never see shame anymore.
* As God appears, your long awaited changes will start rolling in. You can’t experience His appearance without knowing. God will appear to you by His Word on this mountain and you will NEVER SEE SHAME ANYMORE. It shall be from GLORY TO GLORY, TO GLORY, TO GLORY in the name of Jesus. Thank you Father in Jesus Precious name.’’
And formally welcome visitors to the event ongoing at the Canaan land, Sango Ota, Ogun state international headquarter of Winners Chapel with the words
‘’Welcome everyone to this 21st Shiloh
It shall be a Shiloh of Releasw
At the end of Every 7 years there shall be a release.
End of servitude, slavery and all forms of limitation.
Understanding of times and seasons are vital to maximizing your walk with God. ‘’
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