Boobs Enhancer, Modupe Ozolua Celebrates At 44…Read What She Wrote About Herself.


Popular boobs enhancer and philanthropist, Modupe Ozolua clocked 44 yesterday, 10-10-2017. The Benin Princess took to her wall to express her happiness on her birthday.

 Happy 44th birthday to moi 

“Modupe, what have you learnt in the last year?!?” 

I always withdraw from people and ask myself this question pior to a birthday because we learn something new about ourselves and others daily.

So, have I learnt any new life lessons within the last year? HELL YES!! 

Sure, other lessons keep reaffirming their accuracy, but I have some new critical life saving lessons that I henceforth apply:

1. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER take a “hungry” person to your table!! They will not only eat what you bless them with, but will also go after your share! Only “dine” with those like you that bring dishes to the table, not those with nothing to offer!

While they think they “hurt you” by their betrayal, be rest assured, they will soon realize they only hurt themselves.

At this point, I will quote my darling late father, “Sorry, You didn’t disappoint me, you disappointed yourself!” 

2. Department your staff, friends, associates and loved ones!! NEVER mix them up. They DON’T have to meet and know each other!! Not everyone can handle the privilege of access.

There are ALWAYS boundaries. They MUST be applied! 

3. Jealously protect your contacts from those that are only interested in using your to climb up! If they have nothing to offer, you have everything to lose!

Be careful who you give access because they will start thinking they are more important than they actually are!!  

These new critical lessons I taken and they will serve me well!! 

Having shared all that, happy birthday to moi again!! 

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