Charly Boy Tackles Buhari Again, Releases OurMumuDonDu


Ace Musician and Convener, OurMumuDonDu Movement, Charles Oputa, a.k.a, Charly Boy has released a song titled, OurMumuDonDu. charly Boy The over three minutes song talks about poverty in the land and how the politicians neglect the masses who voted them into power. The song calls on the people to wake up from ignorance of giving their mandate to politicians who don’t care about them.

However Charly Boy has been tackling the government of President Buhari with series of protests especially when the President was away receiving treatment, he wrote an open letter to that effect:

Dear Mr. President Sir: When I learned that you would be returning yesterday, I was glad because it means you eventually listened to our cries and yearnings. You have returned at a time when our country needs you most to surmount the crucibles battering us as a people and a nation. Though for a very steep price, we never allowed our voices to go unheard and we are glad you ultimately listened to us.

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