Ekiti APC Primary: The Integrity Of The System Had Been Compromised- Segun Oni


The cancellation and postponement of APC Governorship Primary in Ekiti is no more news. What however is trending is the grievances of some of the aspirants with the way the election was disrupted by some alleged hoodlums sponsored by some frustrated aspirants.

One of the aggrieved aspirants, Asiwaju Segun Oni was on TVC this morning to air his view about the aborted election. Excerpts

Q.Whats your take on what happened yeaterday?
A.Frustration will lead people to aggression and people were frustrated and they saw the system impregnated by that the system was badly impregnated they were complains of the agents of that same contestant, let us face it we either want democracy or we don’t want it and people should not be taken for granted, people should not be taken for a ride. that is very very unfortunate if we want to have democracy we must subscribe to fairness. I was a member of the national working committee as Deputy National Chairman I did not not nominate one person because I know it is immoral for me to nominate a match official in a game that I’m participating in. Why will anybody have such a privilege? we are making a mockery of democracy we are making a mockery of a system and I think we have to go into the fundamentals of these that is the cause of everything.
when you see people throwing paper and so on it is called frustration and we have to ask ourselves why are people so unrepentant about dishonesty that they have to bring it up everytime?

Q.What would you say about thugs coming to snatch ballot boxes?
I thought if anybody is aggrieved they would have allowed the process to go through. Don’t let us talk like that if they see that they don’t have any chance my people we’re not there my people we’re not part of the people involved in the violence protest.

Q.Are you endorsing the smashing of ballot boxes?
I am not endorsing thugs or thuggery what I am saying is that we should also remove the inclination to frustration if you want to have democracy lets have if as Deputy National Chairman I did not put in any name if I wanted to put in one or two people I probably would have been able to do so but I didn’t because I believe the system must be fair to everybody don’t let us condone irresponsibility in whatever form we find it why should one of the contestants nominate a secretary and you don’t know the extent people expressing frustration in fact they said one of the aids of the contestant was found with tags and so on and they brought in so many people as officials who were not supposed to be there. The system was run recklessly and out of order..
Q.What do we do from here?
A.We have to give nigerians of resemblance of reasonable primaries a resemblance of fairness.
Q.Are you calling for another primaries a fresh one not the continuation of what happened yesterday?
A. How can one continue with that?

Q Gov Al makura said It was after four local government that the incident happened?

A.Even though it was after twelve local government or after 16 local government the truth is it was not counted and people who had already impregnated the system so much you think they must not have changed all the ballot papers now to read whatever they want them to read? where will that take us to for crying out loud?

Q.You mean the intergrity of the process has already been compromised?

A.The integrity of the system has already been compromised and I don’t think anybody reasonable will agree on the side of us taking those results nobody can take those results. look we are turning democracy into a huge joke.

Q..Can you afford the luxury of another acrimonious primary or you want to do a consensus thing?

A.Whatever the national working committee wants to do we will do. some of us are not desperate in the system what we want is that there should be proper conduct if it means some of us opting out of it we opt out but they must be proper conduct nobody can cheat his way through the system and some of us will be looking at it and will be helpless. we cannot! the security agencies were penetrated the whole thing is by arrangement how will people like us be somewhere and they are arranging it behind. it’s not that we don’t have capacity for back door arrangement its is that we don’t want such a capacity so people must be prepared to live the decent people must be prepared to live clean if the national working committee cannot conduct the primaries that will be completely free of breaches they should hands off and let other thinking prevail but for now I think they should be able to do it.

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