Encomium As Deaconess Adetoun Florence Oladipo Celebrates At 70th Birthday

Deaconess Adetoun and hubby

Nothing short of a class described the ambience and beauty displayed at the  Ikeja GRA  based event center recently  as a popular matriarch, Deaconess Adetoun Florence Oladipo celebrated her 70th birthday in grand style.

The glamour and strength mama who is fondly Deaconess  by her folks and children displayed as she gallantly danced her way into the auditorium would make anyone not so familiar with her think that she was just a younger guest even at the age of 70.

Radiantly dressed in an embroidered lace and a purple headgear to match, Mama was accompanied to her reserved table of honor by her family, friends and well-wishers in a display of royalty that she truly represented.


For a woman who has spent all her life to raising her children in a godly way, and has led them to attain success in their chosen careers, the three-step giant cake presented by the children to honour and appreciate mama.

The most interest aspect of the cutting of the cake was the lighting effect that pumped out as soon as Mama slides the knife downward. It was just as like a world cup presentation as everywhere became bright and well sparkled to give the event another talking point.


Wine and peach cream was the colour of the day as virtually every guest slayed in beautifully patterned lace material. The cap and headgear was an Ofi material with striped wine pattern. The beauty of the material really showed when the guests sat in groups.

Deaconess Adetoun and hubby
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