January 28, 2023

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For The First Time In 40 Years, New York Times Journalists Embark On Strike

Hundreds of journalists and other employees at The New York Times have begun a strike over the demand for better salaries and improved health insurance funding.

In a statement on Wednesday, The NewsGuild of New York, a union of media workers, said the action followed the company’s refusal to reach a contract agreed with the workers.
Over 400 New York Times tech members have also sent a petition to management announcing their intent to walk out for one hour because of “similar struggles that they’ve faced at the bargaining table”.
“The major sticking points continue to be around economics, especially wages, a $65,000 salary floor proposed by the Guild, and funding employees’ health insurance sustainably.
“The company has frequently misrepresented its own proposals to the public and the press, especially by claiming ‘increases’ in compensation that are really unspoken hypotheticals neither side recognizes as possible outcomes of bargaining.
“All workers who signed the walkout pledge are anticipated to participate in the one-day work stoppage, with some major desks losing 90% of their workforce that day, and other departments being essentially empty of Guild employees,” the statement reads.
President, NewsGuild of New York, Susan DeCarava, said the strike, which is the first in 40 years, is to ensure that the company rewards those behind its success.
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