GIGL Set To Unveil It’s Delivery App


God is Good logistics (GIGL) remains number one out of numerous logistics services in Nigeria, they are known for good services, proximity, and excellent customer care relations. GIGLogistics a subsidiary under the GIG Group will be unveiling its new delivery service app in Nigeria on the 5th of November, 2019. 

In a chat with the Chief Op­erations Officer (COO), Mr. Ayodele Adenaike, he said the app, named GIGGo, will work like other apps like Uber and the likes

He also said ” The app will make it easier for customers and merchants to conveniently place an order in the comfort of their homes and offices, just like Uber. As a result of the fact that the organization is expanding, there is a need to make a lot of investment, which is not readily available, so we decided to use technology. The app gives us access to resources that we don’t have to support our operations and to make deliveries faster.”

He went further to explained that when a request is made, the app locates the nearest partner to pick up the shipment and delivers it as fast as he can.

On what initiated the issue, the COO said GIG, which was incorporated in 2012, started reengineering their processes in 2015 when people would come to the terminal to send items through their drivers, “The management saw an opportunity and decided to make it a formal structured business,” he said.

But because of the high costs needed to execute this, GIGL integrated a partner feature that would enable people to invest in bikes and vehicles and plug into the app to do the last mile in an Uber-like system of operation.

“We are signing up partners who have cars, vans, trucks, bikes and other types of vehicles instead of purchasing the num­ber we would need to expand our operations. So when a request is made, the app locates the nearest partner to the request and allocates the pickup.

“These partners are trained on how to relate with customers. We also have security built into the process to ensure the shipment is safe and it gets to where it is headed undamaged on the same day.”

He stated that GIG Logistics has 85 ser­vice centers across Nigeria in 26 states, five service centers in Gha­na, and an international office in Houston Texas, GIG Logistics’ GIGGo app promises to expand the operations of the business in the online space to accommodate clients who prefer to transact on­line.

Already, the logistics company operates in Houston Texas, the US where many clients use them to do proxy shipping from Amazon to Nigeria. But primarily, both the expansion and sustainability plan in the proposed markets will be hinged on its partner feature.

Finally, GIGL hopes to expand to some eastern African countries such as Kenya and Rwanda, while China and the UK will not be left out.

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