God Has Chosen Babangida Aliyu To Succeed Buhari- Lagos-Based Prophet Drops


Just as it is and have become a tradition among Prophets in Nigeria to release prophesies for the new year which normally happen within the first quarter of the year. A particular Prophet Ayegbajeje who’s based in Lagos has said that immediate past governor of Niger State, Mr Babangida Aliyu, will succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

Here is the full text of the message:

Between 26/03/2017 and 03/02/2018, the Lord God shared the following secrets with me about our country, Nigeria:

(1) Heaven has created a temporary but deep gulf between the core north and the rest of the country albeit, the Arewa logo was still connecting (like an anchor) the two entities, midway.
(2)The middle belt will successfully resist any further subjugation to the core north, and instead be united with the rest of the country in readiness for the 2019 general elections.

(3) Afterwards, the deep gulf disappeared and the nation prospered for a season.

(4) The voice said to me, “Raise up an altar of incense accordingly for the nation between now and theelection season of 2019.


(1) The powers responsible for the mysterious illness and near-death experience of President Muhammadu Buhari have not given up yet on him.

(2) Two attempts will still be made to terminate his life. He will survive the first but, will be brought down into the pit alongside several of his enemies who, incidentally, are his confidants and most trusted hands.


(1) Former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo shall be the bridge (the peace maker) between some principal figures of the middle belt and the south west regions of the country. His mediative role will produce a conducive political climate that will move the nation forward.

At about 12:30 pm, I saw that;

(1) President Muhammadu Buhari had nominated a former governor of Niger state, Dr Muazu Babangida Aliyu as his preferred candidate for the 2019 presidential elections. In his words, he said: “He is the one that would harvest my yam farm that I have planted”.


(1) Heaven has ratified the choice of Dr Muazu Babangida Aliyu as the successor of President Buhari. The voice speaking to me said, inter alia;

(a) He’s the one with a lion’s heart!

(b) He’s a man of integrity!

(c) He has the clout and shall work for the unity of the country!

(d) He’s eminently qualified intellectually and has the wisdom to do it!

(e) He will get Nigeria out of the woods, although he’s not the messiah!

(f) I have chosen him for the throne because of the cries of the innocent suffering masses, and because of my faithful watchmen and women, as well as, my faithful remnants, and not at all because of the long belated, and hypocritical cries of my prodigal servants and their followers. The prayers of the wicked are abominable to Me!

(g) I will perform my counsel for the full transformation of the country when I’m done with myelect ‘Eliakim’ into whose hand I will give the keys!

(g) I will do that after I must have purged my Church of her filth and abominations by the spirit of judgement and the spirit of burning, says the Lord!


Apostle Adeyemi Aiyegbajeje, Livingstone’s Apostolic Mission Int’l, Lagos


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