How to maintain your leather footwears

Are you cleaning your leather footwear the right way? One simple mistake can ruin it. Leather footwears are always obvious when they are dirty and wet and need to be cleaned in order to maintain them. Below are a few steps to guide you on how to clean and maintain your leather footwear.

 Step 1
The first thing you should do before polishing your leather shoes is to clean the shoes, make sure they are no dirt on it, clean with a clean rag or brush.
Step 2
 Wash with clean water, I am sure you wondering if this process won’t damage your leather shoes no it won’t. All you need to do is get a clean and soft cloth, apply a small amount of soap in case you don’t get a leather conditioner then gently wash off the dirt.
Step 3
 Wash the soap off on the shoes with a clean cloth in a circular motion and make sure you clean it toughly don’t leave any soap on your shoes.
Step 4
Put them in the sun to dry, this process is the best way to keep your shoes clean. Ensure they are totally dry before putting them on, also avoid spreading them directly under the sun in order to avoid damage.
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