I May Be Next Governor In Osun If… – 27-Year-Old Lawmaker Declares

    The youngest lawmaker in Osun state, Alimat Oyeyemi, has admonished youths to brace up for politics and ignore the saying that politics is meant for people belonging to a certain age bracket or social status.

    The female lawmaker is representing ward 7, Olorunda Local government constituency in the Council legislative House.
    Alimat further declared that she might be the next governor of the state if her ambition is backed by the party, as she is already eyeing the position.
    Alimat said this while presenting incentive for students who participated in the summer tutorial that lasted till Friday, September 6, 2019, organized by Osogbo National Students’ Union (ONSU) on Monday.
    The female lawmaker had voluntarily tutored junior and senior school students till the tutorial lapse.
    Sharing her experience, Alimat explained that occupying such political seat at such tender age is a dream come true and the journey has been pretty smooth and fine.
    “As the youngest in the system, my colleagues understand me, so I don’t have any problem managing my office” Alimat said.
    While speaking on the attitudes some youths put on after occupying a post, she addressed it as discouraging.
    She said: “The educated youths need to come back together to influence others. It is on this vision that I want us to come together. Politics is not just for experienced people. We also have our role in ensuring that normalcy is restored in our grassroots.
    “I always felt so disappointed when I ahead about the news of youths who are suppose to be a model but now turned to a bad example. We are young and we suppose to represent youth to the expectations to give room for others.
    “Leadership is key to direction and it is time we start highlighting the problem of our country. We have leaders who don’t have experience and it is time we all come in.  To perfect change in this part all the world, we all need to get involved and our orientation that politics is meant for some people must change”.
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