June 1, 2023

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I Was A Cultist Before Christ Arrested Me- Apostle Anselm Madubuko

Fiery pastor of Revival Assembly, Apsotle Anselm Madubuko has opened up on his dark past. Delivering a sermon recently at an event in Lagos on why people must always believe in God no matter the circumstances they found themselves in, he said that Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of our faith.

He said: “There is nothing that the Lord cannot solve because even before you were born, he had already seen it. So, you are just walking into Gods plan; Gods pre-ordained plan. Grace is given. I was the last person anybody expected to carry bible. Praise the Lord. I was a pirate, a capon of the Pirates Confraternity, Enugu Campus. I also tried lodge and I was a music deejay, I was a bad person! In fact, when Christ came for me, people did not believe it! They said ‘oh! He is I to some tricks, let us watch him; he wants to do something dubious because it is not possible for this guy to be born again; it is not just possible.” But they said this because they could not understand the grace of God.
“Most times God goes to the rejected, the least of people just so that he can be glorified. When my ministry started in December of 1990, I wasn’t sure it will work out. Number one reason was that I did not go to bible school. Number two question was ‘what will I be preaching?’ So we started in December but I said ‘let me be sure that I can train my children. I kept my practice but after three months, the ministry grew beyond my expectation and God said to me ‘don’t trust anybody to look after you but me.’
“The was a client I was handling a job so I went to him. I said ‘Sir, I want to bring an engineer to complete your project and he said to me, you must be stupid! This is good business for you, I have seven other friends begging for this opportunity. He kept repeating it that I was stupid! Over 20 years later he came to my office and guess what he said, ‘you were right!’
“I did not go into ministry for money. He that God forgives most the same he loves most. We knew where we were coming from and men would have finished us but the grace of God kept us. Grace is given, you don’t work for it and he gives who ever he favours and we can’t question him; that is his business. In order words, nobody can look at you and tell how you are going to end up.”
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