LASU Don Counsels Couples Against Enduring Unhappy Marriages



A lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the Lagos State University (LASU) Prof. Bidemi Bilikis Idowu, has strongly advised couples to consider amicable dissolution of marriages where irreconcilable differences have set in and love can no longer be savored nor the benefits of an ideal marriage consummated.

She gave this piece of advice on Tuesday while chatting with journalists after delivering LASU’s 69th Inaugural Lecture in the main auditorium of the institution at Ojo, Lagos

She posited that spouses who chose to patch on in any marriage that could no more guarantee mutual happiness and affection stood to lose their emotional, mental and psychological wellbeing which Prof. Idowu feared could further lead to more dangerous ends.

She frowned at the general notion, especially within a certain religious circle, that divorce is an abomination even when it becomes apparent that the spouses are no more enjoying love but rather enduring the co-habitation.

Delivering the lecture under the theme: “Sexuality: The Savour, The Caution, The Pleasure”, Idowu submitted, among others that “Sex is meant to be enjoyed by married couples without any inhibition whatsoever, except for periodic fasting which must be mutually agreed between the two spouses.

The frank – talking academic also tutored that when a marital relationship loses the right symbiotic benefits, conflicts sets in and which eventually results in a feeling of low self-esteem and in depression in one or both of the spouses.

According to Idowu: “It is practically possible to recover from a divorce or separation, but dragging a relationship strained with conflicts results in leaving individuals with low self-esteem and depression which is not always easy to overcome.

Buttressing her position, the don went ahead to quote the USA National Opinion Research Centre (2016) report that says “only 60 percent of people are happy in their unions,”.

She also explained marriage as one unique union which gives the involved couple the license legitimacy uninhibited conjugal relation to the mutual savour of the husband and wife

She added that even traditions and religions view marriage as a key player in the preservation of morals and civilization

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