“Life in prison is more comfortable in Canada” Dammy Krane Recounts Experience

Newly released Dammy Krane who has been in prison in Canada after being tried by the Canadian court for alleged credit card fraud, recently recounts his experience inside prison.
The afro-pop singer, whose real name is Oyindamola Johnson Emmanuel, a.k.a Dammy Krane churned out a couple of gospel-like songs which sparked off rumours that his  prison experience has made him switch to making gospel music.
In a recent chat with Showtime, he explained why he released worship songs on his return from prison.
“No, I’m not into gospel music. ‘Amen’ is just a song. When I want something, I pray to my God, and worship him and he gives it to me. For example in that Amen song, I kept saying ‘Number one on the music chart, it’s God’. Right now the song is number one on the music chart. After what happened last year, I had to praise and worship Him for all he had done. They both came from the same emotional inspiration. God knows best”, he said.
He added that unlike Nigeria, life in prison is more comfortable in Canada. “It is true but in Nigeria, no one wants to die, but over there they can kill anybody because some of them actually want to be there.”
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