Like Tuface Like Davido..How The Two Artistes Molested Women


The most talked about topic recently on Nigerian’sNigerian social media in the last 72-hours is the story of Davido and his lover Chioma. From the lavish pre-birthday party to the new song dedicated to Chioma, a private birthday dinner and the brand new Porsche SUV. I can see many ladies are envious of this affair.

A business consultant Peppy Chidinma Akaniro gave a blunt analysis which went viral about Davido and Chioma love affair.

She said Davido has been dating Chioma for 5 years. Within the 5 years, he got 2 different women pregnant… had 2 children by them… had other girlfriends he flaunted openly… suddenly all these things don’t matter any more’.

Read her full piece below…

All over my timeline… it’s Davido, Chioma and Porsche of 45 million that I see.
Most of the girls are tapping into the blessing while the guys are shouting “Chioma cooks day and night for David… but you don’t want to cook for your guy”.

I’m just here wondering if we are all processing the same information.
Davido says he has been dating Chioma for 5 years.
Within the 5 years, he got 2 different women pregnant… had 2 children by them… had other girlfriends he flaunted openly… suddenly all these things don’t matter any more and everyone is shouting ASSURANCE… GOALS!!!

What goals exactly? To be openly disrespected for years while in a relationship, and suddenly he decides the love is driving him crazy? To keep your relationship low key for years while flaunting other girls and one day he realizes his mistake and decides he wants to give you lifetime assurance and a Porsche??? What exactly is the goals here??

Someone posted “Dear girls, it’s better to be the main chick than the side chick. After 2 baby mamas, Davido still came back to his girl. Love is real.” Really??? Because of Porsche, exotic trips and shopping? Suffering has confused all of us in this country.

To all the girls looking for their own Davido, be careful what you wish for. If this is the precedent you want for your relationship I applaud you. We must be mindful of the type of prayers we say.

Your faithful boyfriend that sends you 10k when you need it is goals. Don’t be deceived by the glitz and glamor. What is the context? What is the content?
May we not crave relationships that will break our hearts and belief in humanity just for some temporary glamour.

To all those who are in real love relationships… you all are the MVP!!! Keep winning.

-Tuface & Annie many years ago

Another instance is the story of Annie Idibia, the wife of legendary African pop star, 2face Innocent Idibia. She sometimes ago narrated how she met and fell in love with the pop star at the very young and tender age of 15, in the just-released 2face‘s biography titled ‘A Very Good Bad Guy’.

“The moment our eyes met at Even Ezra Studios many years ago, I knew you were the one for me and I for you.


Innocent is an extraordinary being. It really seems like yesterday, (can’t believe he is 40 already) he was 24 and I was 15. And I still see the same man when I look at him. So full of life. So much energy. He is always so optimistic about life. He is never afraid of the next day with the little or nothing he had,” according to Annie.

Tuface and Annie Before and Now

He always says… ‘Baby you worry too much.. Just believe, believe’ I remember many evenings he would walk me from 201 in FESTAC to the major road outside Festac, the road was so wide and scary to cross that he would have to hold my hands and we would run across the road together!. Once I got in the bus going to CMS he would wait till it was full and wave at me till the bus was out of his sight. His smile while waving is still very fresh in my memory, Baby do you remember those evenings?” she further said.

However all those period they were dating, didn’t Tuface know Annie was there? Why would he impregnated two women before he finally considered Annie. I bet these guys are nothing but legendary womanizer who only derive pleasure in playing with ladies hearts.

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