June 1, 2023

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Meet The 23 Year Old Nigerian Woman Who Became A King

Just over a year ago in her final year at the Achievers University Owo, Ondo state,Princess Taiwo Oyebola Agbona was called home to become a regent in her father’s land. As the first girl child, she is to stand in gap on the throne of her forefathers till the Senior traditional Chiefs (Afobaje) choose the next King for the town. Tradition entails her to temporarily take over the ruling of her kingdom.

So, on the 24th of March, 2018, the graduate of Medical laboratory Science became a Regent of Aaye town in Ifedore Local Government, Ondo state.
In a chat with Woman.NG, Her Royal Majesty Taiwo said that when she was called to be a Regent, she had no choice but to do it for her father. According to her, she does the same work as kings do and is accorded the same respect given to a king.
In a recent interview with Natasha Booty from BBC she stated “The chiefs consulted the oracle and they were told that I am the one, and worthy to be on the throne,” she told BBC Focus on Africa.
The throne she was talking about is in the Aaye kingdom in Ondo State, south-west Nigeria.
The 23-year-old hesitated at first, saying she needed three weeks to think it over. She eventually agreed, meaning that she will serve temporarily as king until a male monarch is named.
When asked how long she has been a regent since her father’s demise she said “I have been doing it for a year now and some months”. She also said that she would have to remain on the throne for an undefined tine period until someone worthy is found to take over the mantle.
While on the throne, she is forbidden to get pregnant or be involved in any relationship which eventually voids marriage. Any person that has the intention of courting her will have to wait until she vacates her throne.
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