Melaye Challenges Buhari – ‘Tell Nigerians The Truth’


Embattled Senator representing  Kogi West Senatorial district, Dino Melaye has alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari was not open with Nigerians about the economic situation of the country.

The controversial Senator said this while granting National Assembly TV interview.

Melaye alleged that Buhari did not consider merit but political exigencies when picking his cabinet members adding that most of his ministers are square pegs in round holes.

He said the state of the country’s economy has been negatively affected by alleged Buhari’s wrong choices adding that the President was economical with the truth.

His word, “We(Senate) just invited the Minister of Budget and Planning and Minister of Finance, and there has just been one release since the passage of the budget we were told 15% level of implementation by any standard is a failure.

“If fifteen percent of the 2017 budget has just been implemented by October 2017, by March, what percentage should we expect?

“To be realistic, we will continue to roll over error if we don’t get the right thing to do. The executive must be sincere that there is no money. There is no point bringing a budget of seven trillion when we can only spend and afford two trillion. We must be sincere with ourselves.

“Leaders are not meant to be deceptive, they are meant to open up. Let Nigerians know we are in a precarious situation. Why will you present a budget of seven trillion when from your internally generated revenue and the sale of crude oil you can only get two trillion? Where do you expect to get the remaining five trillion to run the budget? At the end of the day, you will spend two trillion out of the seven trillion and spending two trillion out of seven trillion will give us a failed result.

“The executive should come open to Nigerians by making it clear that we can only spend two trillion and they prepare a budget of two trillion. Let me tell you, in this government, we have square pegs in round holes. You cannot give carpentry work to a tailor and you expect him to perform. We need to rejig the economy managers of this nation because you cannot give what you don’t have.”

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