April 14, 2024

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Muslims Demand Retraction, Open Apology Over Davido’s  Offensive Album “Logos Olori”

Muslims have expressed displeasure over the content of the  new album dropped by popular singer David Adeleke(better known as DAVIDO) depicting some people praying and dancing.

The trending music video had received wide condemnation as the Muslim Ummah labelling anti-Islam and highly insensitive.
Bashir Ahmad, a former aide to the immediate past president, Muhammadu Buhari, tweeted that the Islamic religion held deep sanctity, and Muslims approached it with utmost reverence, emphasising the matter should not be taken lightly.
“There are many reasons why every Muslim finds this content absolutely disrespectful, hurtful and offensive
“We, the Muslim Umma, are writing this note to express our deep concern and disappointment over your recent song that features Islamic sacred practices. The depiction of people praying salat in your music video has caused great disturbance and offense among the Muslim community.
“As you may already know, in Islam, singing is not encouraged, let alone combining it with sacred practices. We understand that it may not have been your intention to offend anyone, but the impact of your actions cannot be ignored.
“Therefore, we kindly request that you and your team come out publicly to apologize to the entire Muslim Umma for the offense caused.
“We believe that this act of contrition will go a long way in assuaging the hurt feelings of our community,” he said.
On Friday, July 21, Davido, the Chief Executive of Davido Music Worldwide (DMW), took to his social media to share a teaser of his signee’s latest music video titled, Jaye Lo.
“Allow me to re-introduce, @logosolori with his new single “Jaye Lo”… Lets Run It Up one time! Let’s take over the world  We Litty,”  he captioned.
“The video showcased Logos Olori dressed in a white jalabia and cap alongside other men. As he sat on a roof top with, the remaining men gathered in front of a building, praying and dancing on mats.
“The Nigerian Muslim community expressed strong disapproval of the video, viewing it as disrespectful to their Islamic religion. They condemned the content and called on the artiste to take down the video.
“@davido. I assume you all know that we Muslims don’t mix our religion with jokes in any way, especially Salah (prayer), which is sacred and the second of the five pillars of Islam.
“In Salah, Muslims remember our Lord, Allah, express our love and respect for Him and invoke and strive to express our gratitude towards Him. The notion is that the Salah activity brings the individual face-to-face with God. That is what we believe, and that is our faith. Please respect it”, he tweeted.
“David whatever, this is to inform you that you’ve failed, disrespecting our religion. This your music is veto, outlawed, prohibited, forbidden, proscribed, debarred, it should be disallow and banned  @sarauniya_yahya
“Davido should delete that Jaye Lo video & apologise to Muslims as an act of respect. It’s common knowledge that the mosque is a sacred place, plus Muslims don’t condone any act/behavior that goes against their faith. Creativity is fine, but respect people’s religion & cultures”. – @Danielregha
“First of all, I’ve unfollowed you, reported you, and deleted all your songs from my phone. While I condemn your hateful incitement against islam and Muslims, I encourage my fellow Muslims to do the same to set standards to prevent future occurrence. Moreover, let’s meet in court!” – @AhmadGanga
“If u’re not aware music & Islam can never be on the same page. It’s completely prohibited in our religion not to talk of dancing & praying in the mosque. This is utterly disrespectful & unacceptable to us. U shld tender an unreserved apology ASAP!!” – @drfatima84
“If you haven’t reported this tweet, the best time is now… Tag it religious bigotry or islamaphobic post or anything you can think of, you’re obliged to report this tweet, it’s the least we can do”.- @wizmuckie
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