September 28, 2022

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My Kind of Man Must Love God, Be Intelligent –Sharon Takim, beauty queen

Sharon Takim emerged the Face of Zikel at a keen competition held at Bespoke Event Centre, Lekki, Lagos on December 5, 2020.
To clinch the crown, she beat 19 other contestants, smiling home with a cash prize of N1 million, a return ticket to Dubai and a year supply of Zikel cosmetics.
Sharon in this interview talks about her long journey into pageantry, relationships, heartbreaks, and lots more.

How do you feel emerging Face of Zikel?
I’m still in shock! 64 ladies made it to camp, and they’re all beautiful, they’re all intelligent and they all have something to offer the Zikel brand. So, to be chosen above all the other amazing ladies is a surreal experience. I am so glad that my efforts were enough to put me in the top spot. This is a very amazing birthday gift.
Why did you cry when you were announced winner?
I cried because, for me, Face of Zikel was my last chance. I won my first pageant (hostel queen) when I was in 100 Level, and I kept trying after that. The next time I contested, I was second runner up. The one after that, I barely qualified; I didn’t even reach the second stage. I kept on until I stopped trying and decided to focus on my career. I was moving back to Lagos after spending a few years in the North as a ‘Teach for Nigeria fellow and decided to try Face of Zikel. I’d been following the brand online and watched the first edition, so I felt I owed it to myself to make one final attempt. Because of my track record of not meeting up and not winning, I didn’t expect to make it to top 15. Imagine my shock when I was called into the top 12, and I knew that no matter what, I’d get a crown. But I didn’t actually expect to win. When I was called into the top 3, I was actually shaking, and it continued like that when I was called to the top 2, and I was holding the hands of my friend, Hadassah. She asked me, ‘is this really happening? I told her, I honestly don’t know. I’m surprised I didn’t faint when I was announced winner. The crowning moment was a validation of a dream I have had since I was a kid, and gave up on, but eventually, it happened. The vision really is for an appointed time, and now I can boldly say to anyone that has something they really want to achieve to keep pushing. Your greatest success is often on the other side of your biggest defeat.
Are you presently in a relationship?
No, I am not in a relationship presently.
How would you describe love?
It’s much more than the feelings, butterflies and hand holding, I believe that love is a choice. It is a commitment to choose and keep choosing the same person over and over. It is a decision to make the necessary sacrifices to keep the fires burning and weather all the storms. Feelings may come and go, but a decision, a conscious choice will keep you going through the years.
What’s your kind of man?
My very first requirement is that he be kind. This is not a quality I’m willing to compromise. He must also love God. Next on the list is he has to be intelligent. Because I like to laugh, I’d like him to be funny. Then when it comes to the physical, I fall into the stereotype of liking tall, dark and handsome men, although I may be convinced to forgo these in favour of the first qualities.
Have you ever been heartbroken and how did you handle it?
I put a lot of my energy into my work for a long time, and relationships weren’t that much of a priority; but I have been hurt before, and I went through the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance). I handled it by giving myself time to heal. I acknowledged that I was in pain and was patient with myself until I was sure I was okay. And now I know definitively that I’ve moved on, stronger, better and wiser
What can you say about Zikel Cosmetics and how do you intend to promote the brand?
Zikel Cosmetics has been in the market for a relatively short time, but has gained a reputation for serving excellent products at affordable prices. As a lady, I’ve used a number of makeup products, but the moment I tried Zikel, I knew there was no going back. They are very skin friendly and available in different shades. I used to find it difficult to get my exact shade of foundation and powder because my skin tone is slightly different, but it wasn’t even an issue. I haven’t experienced any form of skin reactions or breakouts since I started using Zikel products, and these were part of the reasons I decided to pick up the form and contest to be their face. I knew Zikel is a trustworthy brand, and I am so excited to be able to call myself a bonafide Zikel babe going forward. On brand promotion, I plan to generate as much publicity material, leveraging both social media and other strategic platforms. My pet project is also aimed at poverty alleviation by helping women learn skills in the beauty industry, and we expect a number of campus tours as well as lots of promotions. I believe it will be an amazing year working with Zikel Cosmetics.
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