Nigerians React As Tacha Gets Evicted From BBNaija

The fate of housemate, Mercy has finally been declared as she’s been issued two strikes from Big Brother over her breaking of the Big Brother house rules earlier today.

#BBNaija: Don Jazzy, other Nigerians react to Tacha’s disqualification
Mercy and Tacha had earlier today indulged in a brawl that saw the latter disqualified from the show and the former issued two strikes.
Unlike Tacha, Mercy is quite remorseful over her actions and after she was issued strikes, she’s seen crying as other housemates comfort her.
As usual, Nigerian trooped to social media to react to the expected news after her altercation with Mercy.
See reactions below;
Mercy on the other hand, still has a chance to become the winner of this year’s edition of the game but should she break another of Big Brother’s house rules and is issued a strike in result, she most definitely won’t have the chance of making it to the finals.
+234-803351****2019-09-27 19:11:255个回复
good for her, mad girl and so mannerless, she doesn’t deserve to be in BBN house,
16 1Reply
happy she is gone oooooo, no manners of any kind
0 0Reply
I’m more happy o
1 0Reply
gosh no normal guy will take her for a wife i bet you 😂
0 0Reply
Over happy dey worry me oooo
0 0Reply
you are saying rubbish watch the video again and know the evil one
0 0Reply
DestinyIyawa2019-09-27 19:13:022个回复
No leave No transfer, has been given compulsary retirement.
10 0Reply
0 0Reply
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+234-806548****2019-09-27 19:12:25
I really love biggies judgement… lets call a spade spade……
12 1Reply
AsikhiaTope2019-09-27 19:12:25
thank God oooooo, at last house go get peace !!!!
11 1Reply
+234-816705****2019-09-27 19:09:53
thank God her own is too much
13 2Reply
JeremiahMensah2019-09-27 19:13:383个回复
where is Peter okoye for his 60/million retuning money to tacha if she loss
6 0Reply
On point, let’s see him block Tacha
0 0Reply
0 0Reply
hahahhaha…dat one na mouth he dey make…
0 0Reply
Naja’atAdebisiAbduljalil2019-09-27 19:11:415个回复
OMG!!!!!! am soooooooo happy!!!!!!! thank God the devil has left and peace shall reign in the house. Mercy Lambo ride on bby girl, we got ya back!.
9 1Reply
so you are happy when biggie did cheating and suppose to evict only mercy bcos mercy was putting her hair in Mercy’s face and remove the hair from her face and in the process mercy was looking at the camera mercy is sooooooooooooo evil
0 0Reply
you don’t know what you are saying
0 0Reply
Oga e be like u blind! Infact all of u supporting tacha are possessed walahi
0 0Reply
Are you in the house? no why are you celebrating someone down fall
0 0Reply
tasha is my girl and mercy will leave very soon it is a promise guy
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+234-811052****2019-09-27 19:12:24
it serves her right
5 0Reply
+234-810658****2019-09-27 19:13:481个回复
Thank GOD she’s finally outta d has😛😜😝🤓😀😄😃😁😂🤣😅🤡🤓🤐
8 1Reply
do not be happy too much because it will shock you that mercy will leave very soon
0 0Reply
BridgetTaiyeBenson2019-09-27 19:14:25
Thank God no leave no transfer don go .The trouble maker finally leave the house Hallelujah
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