Nollywood Actress, Lizzy Anjorin Speaks On Getting Married



The degree of obsession Nigerian folks have with the aspect of marriage, especially involving those of women in our society, is maddening, disturbing and excruciating, especially from the point of view of a 20-something “eligible” bachelorette.

A lot of ladies are tired of hearing people badger them to get married. After all, they aren’t the ones that will be Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin is one of those people and she has come out to share her thoughts on marriage.

This came to light after Nollywood Actor, Lizzy Anjorin took to her comment section to reply to a fan who wanted to know when she is getting married. The reply of the actress will crack you up for sure.

The actress then took the screenshot to her Instagram page, posted it and wrote a very long caption in which she gave her view of marriage, highlighting 5 solid points that affect mostly the Yoruba actresses. Here is what she wrote below:

“STOP ASKING SARCASTIC QUESTIONS …some of us were innocent without you knowing our stories and how much discipline and hardworking we were ..someone like me don face my lane and carry ABONIKI JO SOAPY with full concentration on my life to make it by force by fire , ot by marriage ..I was once mocked with poverty in relationship. YORUBA RONU.

1. You will never see this kind of comment on the English actress/es page. Even some of them are almost 80 years with no child ( astagarfrulai) ..even with huge predicaments before them.

2. Some of these English actress/es did elaborate wedding and later crashed. What you will see on their page/s are the encouragement and loving messages. If it was Ya Yoruba actress, you will hear.. go back to your husband’s house, you are a pr0st!tute…

3. If Yoruba actress buys anything ..Yoruba people will ask why the male actors are not buying??. Off course, we all know how Yoruba actress/es work like machines (even if na f#K as you all tag every successful actress.e easy to f#k?).

But some English actresses that did nothing for a living yet they live oppressed and assorted lifestyles and yet they received more loving messages, you will never see ..(WHAT DO YOU DO 4 A LIVING?? OLOSHO, DRUG PUSHER, RITUALIST ) on their pages.

4. The hate in some YORUBAS has made them lose some actress/es that could raise the flag of success in their family due to bad names you tag them ..the questions is ..if your brothers did not derive evil enjoyment in sleeping with multiple actresses, will they become OLOSHO like you all say?

5. Nigeria of today, if you want to be successful among Yorubas, you have to quit FRIENDSHIP & SEXSHIP lifestyle for the main time because they will ruin you and your personality beyond repair for associating yourself with them for fun (real f#k never enter o) but I’m super happy that some Yoruba hatred has made them produce poorer young single mothers than other tribes in the society.. because the hate they throw at other children come back to hit their own children in billion folds.

YORUBAS..celebrate what your celebrities achieve. Stop asking them sarcastic questions on what you destroy for them ..I LOVE U ALL.”

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