December 10, 2022

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Oko Oloyun’s Son Explains What Happened Before His Father Was Killed

He says was in the school when he got a call that his father was shot dead.
 was not disclosed said the files were burnt around 7am on Thursday, January 23, 2020, about 10 hours before he was murdered by gunmen on the Abeokuta-Igbo-Ora-Iseyin Road, Oyo State.

“I was in the school when I got a call that my father was shot. On getting home, I learnt he is dead.” he said.
Oko Oloyun’s son said his late father had earlier uncovered fraud in his company after some investors complained about his company’s management over their investment.
Oko Oloyun was said to have uncovered fraud in his company before he was killed. (TheNation)
“The investors know him well and trust he would never steal their money. He was open and there were times he would call us (his children) and tell us what was going on. He engaged an auditor in December 2019 who discovered that there was a fraud.
“In the morning of the day he was assassinated, some of his workers set fire to important office records. He was in a hotel in Ogun State when he got a call from my mother around 7am that some files had been burnt. I don’t know the amount involved in the fraud but it must be something huge for those involved to return.”
Describing his father as a loving and generous person, he said those who killed his father did not only hurt his family but also people who benefited from him.
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