Okorocha Advises Imo Youths: ‘It’s better to be a thief than to smoke weed’


I wonder how on earth some of our so called leaders managed to get to the exalted position they now occupy. Some don’t even possess any quality of a leader. Many have been said about ​Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha but I really didn’t take it serious until this very recent one when the controversial governor while briefing the youths of the state told them that it is better to be thieves than to smoke weed.

He made this statement while briefing the people of his state on his development plans for the community. While emphasizing the dangers of smoking weed, Okorocha reminded them that smoking weed is still illegal and the law will go after anyone who is involved in the business.

Speaking in Igbo, Okorocha said: “A law has been declared in the state that everything that has to do with smoking weed has to stop. Weed has killed my children in Imo State. Anyone who is selling weed; whether you are smoking it or you are selling it, if we find your house, we will demolish it. 

“Where I stand now, I prefer that a person… it’s better that a person is a thief than to smoke weed. 

“If you’re caught stealing, you’ll be sent to prison. If you go to steal while armed, you’ll be killed. But if you smoke weed, not only will you be sent to prison, your house will also be demolished. So which one is better for you?

“Because if people do not smoke weed, no one will go to rob. It’s when one is under the influence of weed, that’s when they rob.”

He went on to tell the people of the community that he knows they do not smoke weed, then warned again that if anyone is caught smoking weed, their houses will be demolished.

“And I’m not joking about it. I’m very serious,” he concluded.

What manner of leader is this?

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