Psquare Separation: Another Hip Hop Singers, E-Square Springs Up



They might want to take advantage of the untimely separation of once most sought after twins singer, Psqure. They may not look facially alike, but have similar virtues in assisting people that needs genuine help. 
They have been together for over two decades. These two latest music sensation go by stage names ‘PRINCE HOLLYWOOD and CARO MASTER’ in United States and Nigeria, especially in Imo State where they originally came from. They become Naturalized as Americans, after which they founded a Charity foundation, which is a Non-governmental Organisation, NGO, registered in United States and Nigeria.

-Peter & Paul of Psquare fame

From their base in United States, these Nigerian Millionaire musicians are regarded ‘E-Square’. Since Prince Hollywood and Caro Master released their maiden album called ‘Egwu Ngwori’ meaning ‘Song for Enjoyment’ in United States, it has been enjoying some rare reviews in few American radio stations.

Having performed greatly in some of America’s music shows where their songs were danced to by white Americans, black Americans, Latinos due to the danceable rhythms, few rare reviews in some American radio stations, it was gathered that few music promoters who are Black Americans are looking forward to always have E-Square perform in African concerts that were hitherto enjoyed by P-Square.

On why they call themselves E-Square, they reportedly said: “We are not P-Square, but ready to take all the entertainment spots of P-Square worldwide. Our brand of music is highlife, funk always rendered in Igbo language to celebrate the rich Igbo traditional culture. We are rich, famous in Yankee, popular in Imo State. We are simply the best, as our charity organisation has been offering free study scholarships to people, offering 0% Interest Loans for Businesses, Free health care for natives of Imo State. Tolotolo Family Foundation is a registered Non-governmental organisation helping the needy.”

E-Square revealed that they run a charity organization, with plans to launch an Orphanage home in Owerri Imo State at Emirate hotel on January 3rd 2018. In Nigeria, the duo are about to release their first song titled ‘Egwu Ngwori’ (song for enjoyment) presently trending on YouTube. Their music video was recorded in America.

-Culled from Naija Standard Newspaper

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