May 28, 2023

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Reason Lawan Andimi Was Killed By Boko Haram

The late reverend Lawan Andimi, CAN Chairman (Christian Association Of Nigeria) in Machika Local Government Area of Adamawa State was abducted in January by the Insurgents ‘BokoHaram’.

He was abducted in his village during an attack where many victims were also reported missing up till date.
The News Agency of Nigeria coalescing with Ahmad Salkida (a journalist dealing on Boko Haram reports) brought the news of the assassination of Rev. Andimi taking place on Monday.
Days after his abduction, the clergyman, in a video clip, had asked Ahmadu Fintiri, Governor of Adamawa, to rescue him but all efforts have been abortive.
Dami Mamza, a CAN chairman in Adamawa State made a statement that the Boko Haram terrorist demanded a sum of 800million naira as ransom.
He said that they managed to establish a connection with the church but the church could not raise such amount of money.
He said another CAN member, Dennis Bagaure was also killed on that same Monday after trying to escape from the insurgent’s nest.
Mamza said, it is now clear who the target is, and that targeting Christians will bring no peace to them. Meanwhile His Excellency Mohammadu Buhari expressed his soberness in the whole situation, saying he is greatly saddened and called on all countries providing aides to the Insurgents to stop.
The insurgents through one of their leaders were alledge to have made a statement in December, saying that the so-called Christians will shed tears meaning that they want to start targeting Christians as their next line of action. Could this be the results? Could this be the starting war with Christians?
If the 800million was demanded, why couldn’t the Government assisted while Andimi was crying for help, is it because he is a Christian? Religion has harmed our nation deeply and this is a mess.
Nevertheless, we know that the CAN chairman was purposely killed, it wasn’t because of the ransom that was not paid, it is a signal to the world that even our government are not ready to do anything to the plight of the Christian family.
We urge all Christians in the North to be very Careful and be cautious of their surroundings
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