Ruggedman Delivers On The Situation EP With Praiz, Others

There is music (or entertainment of any sort) that is disposable – junk food.

Then there is the stuff that is art. That is real. That shifts the gravitational pull and alters your perspective. That provokes discussion and subsequent change.
This Situation-EP is as real as it gets. It rips out your heart and forces you to sit with the heartbreak, pain, blood, hunger, betrayal and suffering of the Nigerian people. It raises the bar on the power musicians have to reflect om our world and issues- forcing us to choose between complacancy or action. Emotional, painful, raw, challenging and confronting….each song has its story.
The Situation-EP is out on all digital music platforms
One of the stand out things on this body of work, is the fact that Ruggedman gave an opportunity to young artists to feature on the Ep through his #SituationEpChallenge.
Download/stream the ep and tell us what you think about it.
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