March 29, 2023

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Sexual Violence Prevention

 321 Road, D close, House 30, Festac Town, Lagos
Telephone: +2348144015052, 2349095235887. Email: WAVEHI

Sexual violence disproportionately affects women and girls over half of women have  experienced sexual violence involving physical contact in their life time.
Sexual violence is costly in terms of medical costs and lost productivity. It may also impact employment in terms of time off work, diminished performance, job loss or inability to work and these can have long term effects on the economic well-being of survivors. Certain factors may increase or decrease the risk for perpetrating or experiencing sexual violence.
To prevent sexual violence, we must understand the factors that put people at risk for or protect them from violence.
We must also understand how historical trauma and structural inequities impact health.
To help communities use the best available evidence to prevent sexual violence communities must observe the following principles;
(a) Promote Social Norms that protect against violence
Changing social norms that accept or allow indifference to violence is necessary to prevent sexual violence.
(b) Provide opportunities to Empower and Support Girls and Women
Empowering and Supporting girls and women through education, employment,
income supports and providing other opportunities (like leadership, civic
participation) is important for reducing women and girls’ risk for sexual violence.
(c) Support Victims/Survivors to Lessen Harms
This includes Victim/Survivor-centered services. These approaches include an array of formal services such as support groups, crisis intervention, medical and legal advocacy, and access to community resources to help improve outcomes for survivors and mitigate long term negative health consequences.
Studies show that gender inequality in education, employment and income results in increased risk for sexual violence. Poverty and low income status have been directly linked to sexual violence and sexual trafficking and are conceptually linked to vulnerability for abuse in that they force women and their children into situations that
may put them at increased risk for sexual violence.
To this end WAVEHI NGO is also a community agency that provides and
coordinates services based on the unique needs and circumstances of victims and survivors of sexual violence.
At WAVEHI NGO, we also provide opportunities to empower and support girls and women. The support systems we provide include online entrepreneur training, family counselling and support groups for women and mentorship programs for adolescent
Our staffs are also trained to teach skills that prevent sexual violence to include;
1 Social-emotional learning
2 Healthy safe dating and intimate relationship skills to teenage girls.
3 Promote healthy sexuality and safe sex practices.
Please visit our website, or send an email call us on+2349095235887 for more information and/or client booking services.
Written by Lara Rowland, Founder WAVEHI NGO.
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