May 23, 2024

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Shocking Things Bishop Oyedepo Said During Todays Shiloh Thanksgiving Service

Understanding is key to the result you command. We obtain results only to the level of our understanding of any subject matter, our level of spiritual understanding of any truth is what determines the kind of result we get.

A good friend of mine, a man of God asked me and said Bro. David, how do you pay for all of this, I said Faith, I saw fear on him and I told him that, you know faith is a universal currency that delivers at the same level in all the nation of the earth, you don’t have to be in the east or west, anywhere you are, just be there with God and faith will answer the same way.
Those who understand the mystery of Thanksgiving command results to their level of understanding. We were at a crusade at the early stage of the ministry and few hours to the event, the people hiring equipment said they are no longer hiring to us without any reason and we did the crusade without public address system and I said to them, if anyone complain, that will be the last crusade we will ever have, let’s give God thanks that he brought us here and I told them the next time we are coming here, there will be no seat and space, and the next time we went there for crusade, people had been sitting from 12noon for a crusade of 6pm.
Thanksgiving has the power to rewrite your story. If you know how much complaints has done in your life, you will stop it. If you know how much murmuring has messed up your case, you will stop it, in all things give thanks. We give thanks in everything and we give thanks for everything.
You may not have been where you ought to be but you are not where you used to be. Some have not known sickness this year, if you know the cost of staying well, you will roll on the floor. Please note, our God is never late.
Thanksgiving is a requirement for quickening the dead back to life, Jesus gave thanks and Lazarus came forth.
If you want the best from God, you can’t access it without thanksgiving. Let us be thankful to him, that’s the only access and Shiloh is a place of encounter with God, you can’t access his presence without thanksgiving. So free yourself from every form of complaints and murmuring.
If God can’t help you, nobody else can. You get answers from God thanking him for his faithfulness. You can’t get answers to any question complaining, you get answer to your questions celebrating God.
Shiloh 2019 Prophetic Declarations:
– You won’t lack access to the way forward anymore
– You will never be stranded in life anymore
– Appear in His presence with smile and the answer will come straight
– You know why you don’t get answers right, you are still outside the door. Until you thank him, you can’t enter.
– This time you are entering there!
– There is nobody who ever asks a sincere question with the heart of gratitude that will not get answers.
– Your answer is waiting
– Something is breaking forth in your favor
this year’s Shiloh, the annual gathering of the winners family worldwide took place in canaanland which started since Tuesday, 3rd to 8th of December 2019. The Theme of this years shiloh is BREAKING LIMITS.
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