Things Women Should Never Tolerate Form Their Partner

It is the high time women start making some certain decision that will benefit them and stop giving into your partner’s demands, give him the respect he deserves but don’t give up your dreams for the sake of love.

 Some women see their partner’s decisions as the final say, they keep quiet and go with the flow even if they are not satisfied with it. It is time to start making decisions that will benefit you, below are things you shouldn’t tolerate from your partner 
1. Don’t slow down your dreams for him
If your partner put you in a situation whereby you have to choose between him and your career, you must think twice of what exactly you want.
Don’t make a decision you might later regret in future, it is your dream it shouldn’t be compromised. You should be with a man that will help you achieve your dream, not a man that will ask you to forfeit them
2. Don’t let him dictate to you
Some men are used to dictating to their partner without thinking if she’s okay by the decision or not. This should not be kept as a secret if you are not okay with your partner’s decision or demands speak up
3. Don’t change who you are
One thing you should never allow is for your partner to ask you to change the way you dress, make your hair, talk, or if he compares the way you look to his ex or his friend’s wives and you know there is nothing wrong with the way you are then you should stand your ground
A man who truly loves you will love you the way you are, and not ask to change for his own selfish interest.
4.  Don’t let him dominate you
Be smart don’t be blinded by love, giving your man the power to dominate will cost you so much. Give him the respect he deserves but don’t let him make decisions for you, you should be able to know what you want and go for it
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