Tips on how To Examine Your Breast

Our breast is made up of fatty tissue, and it is connected to muscles on the wall of our chest, Within this fatty tissue are lobules or milk-forming glands.

From these glands, milk drains into breast ducts during breastfeeding, after which milk leaves the ducts through the nipple. The glands and ducts can either increase or decrease in number and size. This depends on if they are needed.
Breast lumps can be caused by various reasons, some of the causes if a breast lump is harmless, and some can be dangerous and very painful. Below are likely causes of a breast lump
Breast lumps can be caused by infections, cancer,  injuries, and non-cancerous growths. Breast lumps can involve any of these components or tissues, that make up your breast.
It is important as a woman to always examine your breast before and after your menstrual cycle, this will help you detect if you have a lump or not. Although the manual examination of the breast is not that perfect, it is helpful.
As a woman, you should be able to differentiate a lump in your breast to normal tissues in the breast. They are different ways of self-examination but the best way is by lying on your back.
Rest your right hand on your pillow above your head, and use your left fingers to feel your right breast do this in a circular motion from the nipples down to the armpit.
The same goes to your left breast, raise your left hands on your pillow above your hand and use your right fingers to feel your left breast in a circular motion.
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