December 7, 2023

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Why be a Copy, when you are an Original? Benedicta Mbong counsels young people…

The problem of Identity crisis has become far worse today, than it ever was. With Social Media defining ‘success’ to mean nice clothes, a beautiful house, Porsche rides and the likes, it is not unusual to find young people pressured to BE LIKE everyone else but themselves.

We live in a world that defines RELEVANCE in a myriad of ways; definitions that have led many to an identity crisis, aspiring to be everything else but what God has called them to be; but there is a standard of RELEVANCE with God.

That’s why we are putting together a conference like RELEVANCE 2020, designed to unveil God’s vision of relevance for His children irrespective of what sphere they find themselves.

RELEVANCE is the 5th Annual Conference of the Fulfulling Singlehood and Marriage Ministry International.

Born in 2015, the FSMMI annual Whatsoever State Conferences have been effective in helping young people, single and married alike, aspire to be much more than their present state.

At RELEVANCE 2020, you will learn what it means to BECOME and REMAIN RELEVANT in the Scheme of things, according to God’s Standards.

RELEVANCE 2020 will be fun, exciting, interactive and you get a chance to make new friends. It’s a 3 hours program that will be more than worth your time.

The Convener, Mrs. Benedicta Mbong is the founder of Fulfilling Singlehood and Marriage Ministry International, a ministry committed to helping single and married people live fulfilling lives.

She is the author of the Classic on living an amazing single life, Single and Fulfilled.

Admission is free but registration is REQUIRED.

To register, send a text to Juliette on 08033807389 with your full name and email address…


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