September 28, 2022

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Why I’ve Been Lying Low In Nollywood -Adediwura Blackgold

Adediwura Adesegha aka Adediwura Blackgold is a seasoned Nollywood actress, moviemaker and founder of an NGO dedicated to widows. In this interview, she clears the air on why she has been off the radar and opens up on her love for widows. She also talks about her career and current projects.

Have you always wanted to be an actress?
It is inbuilt and I give God the glory for connecting me to the proper channel in June 2008 when I started acting professionally. I met the late Abdul-Fatai Teniola, the CEO of Tenifab Motion Pictures who invited me for audition at his Ikeja office. I did well and that got me a huge role on his production entitled, Afiwo. I was so lucky to be given a lead role and I acted alongside the big names  including Faithia Williams, Yomi Fash-Lanso, Funso Adeolu and Jumoke George among others. That gave me a strong foundation to build on and here we are today.
How has the journey been in terms of production?
I did a production entitled Lizard (Alangba) and it became a break-out movie for me due to the recognition I got from fans all over the world. The movie was well embraced and I still get compliments till date. Though I have featured in other great productions but my movie took me to new levels. At the moment I have shot seven movies including Ikoko, Alangba, Oronro, 40th Birthday, Deep Heat, Aago Meje Ale and Ewure Abami. I have worked with great actors like Femi Adebayo, Yinka Quadri, Dele Odule, Odun Adekola, Bolanle Ninalowo, Ronke Odunsanya, Ibrahim Chatta, Bimbo Oshin and Fausat Balogun.
What are the major challenges you have faced?
I don’t really count challenges. When I started acting it was because I have passion for it. Sometimes in life, we tend to give our all to a particular project and that is what I do in acting. Though I see challenges but I am determined to fight on so as not to get distracted, tired or lose focus.
What inspired your NGO?
It was due to what my mother has been through as a widow. Generally, I love to give. I feel fulfilled and happy when I do so I thought of merging two words, giving and happiness together with a view to passing a message across to the society about the joy of giving. That was why I founded Giving Is Fun Initiative. The first thing I did was to make stickers which I pasted on the trunks of people’s cars and house doors. I saw it as a way of passing my message to the world. The quote on the posters was Giving Is Fun, Try It. But when I wanted to register it I deleted try it and added initiative. The objective is to support and empower widows all over the world through impacting enlightenment and sustenance programs.
You have successfully been running this NGO for four years. What are your major challenges?
My challenge is largely finance. It is not like I have all the money in the world but getting people to support it was a little tough initially. I needed to make them see the transparency, zeal and genuineness of my mission but I thank God today that I am getting the support and assistance gradually. The success story has been overwhelmingly positive. I give God the glory for the success at our eight edition. I want to thank the former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his support. Also, to our amiable governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu and his beautiful wife for their support. And to all my friends, family and colleagues all over the world, I say thank you and God bless.
You have been off the screen for a while now, what’s behind that?
Acting requires total concentration. I rarely go to locations like I used to because of my aged mother who has been in and out of hospital. Though she has a nanny but I still need to be around her. I had to move to her house for proper monitoring and care and that has affected my career. I don’t mind as my mum is very dear to me. I can let go anything to be with her. That is the reason for my limited appearances in movies.
How about movie productions?
Presently I am working on a  documentary entitled Widow’s Storm. You get to view various widows tell their stories and how they scaled through on the documentary. It will be on my YouTube channel which I am working on and I will post clips on my social media platforms and it will also be shown on TV stations  as well.
What do you think should be done to improve Nollywood movies?
We really need to curb piracy which is the main problem affecting our jobs. Storyline, plot structure, prosper research, cast and crew, equipment and location  need to be professionally cordinated in order to make a good production because the competition is high now.
What makes a good movie?
A good production has to be handled by professionals in order to get a job well done. We really need to stop banking on low-budget movies. We need to spread our tentacles and travel, research our stories before pushing them into the market. That  is why I appreciate Kunle Afolayan. He is doing a great job. Our production shouldn’t be biased. If I can’t act a role, don’t give me because I am your friend or because you will pay less. Get appropriate cast and crew.
Where do you see your brand in five years?
I see my brand representing Africa all over the world. Yes, I know we can’t predict what the future holds but one can work towards it. I am trying my best and will keep pushing.
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