October 1, 2022

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Will Igbo Businessman Dethrone Dangote?

Multi millionaire and Humanitarian, Marksman Ijeoma Chinedu is the owner of Chinmark groups and companies. He has his business present in 6 continents around the world with over 15,000 customers.

Due to his transparency and integrity in business he has captured the hearts of so many friends, followers and foes alike helping to expand his business via social media.
With a 4.8 rating over 5, Hardly do you open facebook without a mention of his groups activities.
To his credit, he has recieved global awards in honour of his fierce pursuit for excellence and his aid towards the eradication of poverty in Nigeria.
Recently, in recognition of his practical contributions to Africa through quality service delivery, the CEO was inducted into the Hall of fame of the Public Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics, Ghana.
Chinmark group has businesses spread across various sub sects like; Chinmark homes and shelter.
With trusted and professional builders, they give you world class designs and architectural masterpieces at a good delivery time.
There is also Chinmark farms and diaries; they provide edible food in its healthiest form. From grains, tubers, mutton, beef and other edible condiments. They also carry on the sales and distribution of insecticides, fertilizers and hire out few farming implements (Machines).
There is Chinmark executive rides; they also give executive transport services like Airport pick ups, rides to ease shopping trips, resumption pick ups, emergency pick ups, late night party pick ups.
There are others such as Chinmark loans and Investments, Investments in oil and gas, Investments in transportation and Investments in Real Estate
All these with great compensation plans.
They also give loans to small and large scale businesses to encourage the hard working youths in Nigeria.
With numerous other businesses like Chinmark Medicals and Health, Chinmark Consultancy, Chinmark haulage and Chinmark General Consultancy, Contracts and over a decade of credible experiences and partnerships,
Social media is buzzing with confirmations that he may dethrone Dangote, the richest man in Africa soon.
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